INTEGRO POLAND limited liability company was established in 2008. Since that time we have developed activities by importing and exporting a huge amount of very good quality upholstery fabrics. Our company has roots inTurkey where the world’s best manufacturers of upholstery fabrics come from. We trade not only in Poland but also in the EU and all round the world.

Our company is the MANUFACTURER of upholstery fabrics. We are able to adapt fully to the needs of all customers. Before our fabrics are sent to the customers, they pass all kinds of ECOTESTS, necessary before being introduced on the market according to the requirements of the European Union.

Our many years experience has enabled us to develop the collections of design on a very large scale. Our fabrics are characterized by unusual colors, design and also very good quality. Every year our company introduces a new collection on the upholstery fabric market .

We continue to provide the highest quality services. We cooperate with the courier companies which can deliver the fabric within one day. All customers are treated as a priority, they are very important to us and we strive to meet their expectations.